Devotional songs of Mother Mary

devotional songs of mother mary

devotional songs of mother maryMother Mary Pray for us.. Devotional songs of Mother Mary can be downloaded from the below links. All the devotional songs are in mp3 format.

You can right click on each devotional song and use the “save as” to download the songs

Let me know if you have any commnts or suggestions to improve the site.

Unable to find the Mary song that you are looking for..? Use the comments section to request songs. We would gladly find it for you..

    1. Hi Stanly,

      Thanks For your request, The song “Chollunna Nimisham Mathavin Chare.mp3” is added to the site, its the third song in the list.
      please feel free to make more requests. We will be happy to provide you with the songs.


      1. It would be good if you can add the lyrics of various hymns. I don’t understand malayalam…Just know how to read it.
        I am not a malayalee but I can sing over 100 devotional songs.


    1. Welcome back Stanly,
      The devotional song Idanenjil Eriyunna Kanalinte Choodettu.mp3 has been added in 9th position according to the alphabetical order. You can now download the song.

  1. This is a great sight. Thanks for the lyrics of quite old songs. Could u pls also add the song ” Mary Mathave nee sneham ullorru amme, Jeevithatinde bharam akatuvaan nee kaniyenam”. God Bless : )

    1. I am also looking for this beautiful song. Cannot find it anywhere. Not even in any song book available in stores.

      The lyrics goes like this, “Mary Mathaave Nee, Sneham ulloramme, Jeevithathinte Bhaaram Akattuvaan, Nee Kaniyename…”

      Any suggestions where I can find it ?
      Thanks in advance for helping…

      1. Mary Mathave nee sneham ullorru amme, Jeevithatinde bharam akatuvaan nee kaniyenam pattu um koodi share cheyummo

  2. Thanks alot for this site .
    i’m an MBBS STUDENT studying in china for all website are blocked. SO happy to know at least one website i can open over here. And its really good collection of songs and happy to hear it .
    thanks a lot

  3. I was searching Mother Mary’s song in malayalam and its Karoke based on St. Luke Gospel Chapter 1 words 46-55. I couldn’t find it. The song starts with “njanen nadane vazhthunnu….. “.
    Could you please sent me this song and its Karoke in the above email

  4. This site is really useful for all of us. Thank u so much for creating this website. It will be nice
    if u can share the song “swasti sworloka rani”

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